What Red Sea Housing Services Stands For?

Committed to Integrity, Quality Products and World-class Customer Service

During the past 4 decades, Red Sea Housing Services (RSHS) has developed into a global leader known for designing, planning, producing, managing and operating industrial temporary housing solutions in more than 65 countries. The company’s success is built upon its commitment to providing high-quality products and unparalleled customer service. We provide industrial solutions through our array of products and turnkey services, removing the stress and hassle for our customers who now can focus on what they do best. We take inspiration from our founding company and largest shareholder, Al-Dabbagh Group, who operates an ecosystem that is composed of Three Principles, Five Values and Ten Golden Rules.  This ecosystem informs and governs Al-Dabbagh Group’s goal to be one of the top 20 wholly owned global family businesses by 2020. It also underpins their global vision to deliver impact and scale for the greater good through their three principles of Giving, Earning & Sustaining. At RSHS, we are keen to strike a harmony with Al-Dabbagh Group’s culture, to ensure that we are valuable contributors to their overarching aspirations. 

Red Sea Housing Services’ Vision & Mission

Red Sea Housing Services strives to be the supplier of choice for all major multinational oil and gas, mining and construction companies operating in our market area. We aim to be totally committed to providing our customers with quality products that shall be delivered defect free and on time.

Future Strategy - Growing to Offer Affordable Housing & Building Materials

Moving with the times, and driven by population growth and macroeconomic demand, we are applying our expertise to embark on a new, socially-conscious venture to develop quality, large-scale communities. Our world-class partnerships, an organic and acquisitive growth strategy, and innovation of new technologies will help us meet this enormous demand, and to deliver urban communities at the same level of high quality that Red Sea Housing is known for.

Red Sea Housing Services is able to meet the ever-changing needs and demands of customers around the globe due to our dedication to integrity, leadership, vision and our people. This dedication is clearly articulated in the company’s 2020 Growth Strategy, which has three main pillars:

Build upon our existing industrial housing division. Red Sea Housing Services has worked hard to garner a reputation for expertise, craftsmanship, durability and a commitment to customer service. This reputation has earned the trust and confidence of our customers who utilize our products and services repeatedly as well as provide word-of-mouth referrals to potential clients.

As word of the high-quality products and services we offer spreads, Red Sea Housing Services is expanding its global footprint to Australasia and the Americas. We just recently opened a subsidiary in Australia, and we are planning to take advantage of the high demand for industrial housing solutions in those regions to solidify our presence.

To cater to the growing demand for our products, Red Sea Housing has its three manufacturing facilities in Jubail in Saudi Arabia, Accra in Ghana, and Dubai in United Arab Emirates.

As we continue to produce the high-quality modular buildings we are known for, Red Sea Housing Services’ vision fuels a perpetual spirit of innovation. Drawing on Red Sea Housing Services’ motto “If our customer wants it, we innovate to provide it,” our Research and Development department works to develop innovative products that meet the requirements and aspirations of potential clients and key sectors.

Capitalize on expertise and knowledge by partnering with leading companies to provide affordable housing solutions throughout the world. Building on our vast experience in the design, planning, production and execution of manufactured housing for a wide range of commercial and residential applications, Red Sea Housing Services is looking to expand its products and services to meet the needs of international communities in need of affordable housing.

In reviewing the international landscape, we identified housing as one of the fastest growing segments of the construction industry worldwide. While other developers have over-focused on the high-end market and thus created excess supply, Red Sea Housing Services has turned its attention to affordable housing, which has the potential to offer long-term, sustainable growth. Looking at global forces including increased populations, the size and purchasing power of the mid/low income segment, and the recognition that there is a clearly established affordable housing shortage, Red Sea Housing Services is aligned to partner with like-minded organizations to bring its considerable industrial housing knowledge and experience to meet the growing need for affordable housing solutions around the globe.

Invest in the building and construction materials. To round out its offerings of large-scale accommodation solutions, Red Sea Housing Services aims to supply building materials to clients throughout the world. By partnering with Sherwin-Williams, which is the #1 paint company in the U.S. market and #4 worldwide, Red Sea Housing Services established Premier Paint Company to offer premium-quality paint for residential and commercial use as well as special protective coatings for heavy industrial and marine use. The creation of Premier Paint Company signifies the first of many products and services that Red Sea Housing Services plans to add under its umbrella or to its portfolio in the near future as part of company’s overall growth strategy.

Reflecting on our growth and expansion during the past 48 years, we look to the future with anticipation and excitement as we identify new opportunities to bring our vast experience, proven track record of success, and solutions-oriented products and services to new markets. Want to participate in the continued success of Red Sea Housing Services? Learn more about investing in our publicly traded company or joining the Red Sea Housing Services team.

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