Red Sea Housing Services promotes state of the art housing development and construction technologies and research and development in the with an aim to deliver high quality buildings in record time at reduced cost. For the same a cutting edge research and development lab is also established to test, innovate and improvise various products and project units that we develop, and also the different building materials, technologies and implementation models we use, to synthesize the best, innovative, flexible, economic, sturdy, and reliable units that can be made to adapt to the varying needs of the different industries, regions, and socio-economic-political and environmental set up.

We also focus our research to develop products, project units, and services that are eco-friendly. While making deployments, we try to collaborate with the community to reduce waste and pollution, share resources, provide opportunities for job creation, and help achieve sustainable development.  


Red Sea Housing Services continually takes efforts to take informed design decisions during project developments.

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Wish to know how well we did last year? Read the Red Sea Housing Service 2016 Annual Report (PDF version).

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