Aluminum Complex for 7500 Employees in Saudi Arabia

Full-fledged Ma’aden Aluminum Complex for 7500 Employees in Saudi Arabia

Ma'aden (Saudi Arabian Mining Co.) is a diversified mining company,the largest mining company in Saudi Arabia, active in gold base metals mining and infrastructure industry. Ma'aden was formed as a Saudi joint stock company in 1997 for the purpose of facilitating the development of Saudi Arabia’s mineral resources. The Saudi government owns 50% of its shares while the remaining 50% are listed in Tadawul (Stock Market). The company is structured with corporate headquarters based in Riyadh with several subsidiaries.

Ma'aden signed an agreement in 2009 with US aluminium giant Alcoa to build a $10.8 billion aluminium complex. Under the agreement, the two firms will build a 1.8 million tonnes per year aluminium refinery and a 750,000 tonnes per year smelter in Ras Al-Khair.

Ma'aden was looking to partner with a company who can provide them quality buildings and services for their employees – a turnkey construction for accommodation facilities (KO 28) for a 7,500 strength.

Quick facts:

  • Industry: Mining
  • Customer:  Ma'aden (Saudi Arabian Mining Company)
  • Project: Ma’aden Aluminum Complex
  • Location: Ras Al Khair, Saudi Arabia
  • Completion Date: Camp Operations Completed February 28, 2014

Red Sea Housing Services (RSHS) were able to engineer, procure and construct for the 7500 Man Camp for Saudi Arabian Mining Company to provide turnkey construction solutions. Sitemaster 3 Series Building unit was deployed for Ma’aden Aluminium Complex including utilities, amenities such as satellite TV, Telecom, Wireless Internet, Swimming Pools, Gymnasium, Indoor & outdoor sports facilities. The facility’s complete with camp operations and maintenance services were also taken care of by RSHS.

Key Challenges:

  • Construction of Camp Site facilities on a remote desert location
  • Extreme weather conditions on this remote desert location tested the quality and durability of our provided buildings and facilities
  • Complex logistics
  • Stringent compliance with International Building Code (IBC), National Electric Code (NEC), Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO)

Highlights of the project:

  • 7500 Man Camp
  • Site Master 3 series accommodation building with camp supply facilities
  • End-end high end facilities including utilities, amenities such as satellite TV, Telecom, Wireless Internet, Swimming Pools, Gymnasium, Indoor & outdoor sports facilities
  • Camp operations and maintenance
  • Compliance to International Building Code (IBC) Regulations, and standards
  • Project completed on time in spite of the remoteness of the location

Services Offered:

Products Utilized:

  •  Firemaster 60 Series

Project Units  Implemented:

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