Industrial Housing, Affordable Housing and Building Materials Solutions

Offering Temporary and Corporate Housing Solutions

Red Sea Housing Services' (RSHS) primary business involves manufacturing a wide range of modular building systems that can be sold or leased for commercial and residential applications. With significant experience in providing industrial housing products and services in remote and urban locations in more than 65 countries worldwide, RSHS has cemented its exceptional reputation for designing, planning, producing, managing and operating Corporate Housing Solutions. We execute turnkey projects leveraging our high-quality, durable housing solutions and comprehensive services. Consequently, our clients, the world over, are delighted to work with us as we give them a stress-free, hassle-free total experience. View RSHS Work Portfolio in detail.

Sheltering the World

Being one of the largest producers of modular building systems in the Middle East and North Africa, RSHS is ready to leverage our expertise and know-how to provide affordable housing solutions to communities who are in need, across the globe. Learn more about our Affordable Housing Division.

Investing in Building Materials

As the needs of our global customers evolve and expand, RSHS continues to innovate and adapt to ensure that we continue to provide the right kind of products and services our customers require. In order to facilitate that growth, we established our 2020 Growth Strategy that includes investing in technology and building materials. The first step in fulfilling this objective involved partnering with Sherwin Williams, the No.1 paint company in the United States, to float the Premier Paint Company. Through this partnership, RSHS has become the exclusive distributor of Sherwin Williams’ paint in the Middle East region. Learn more about our Building Materials Division.

Our global reach and reputation, and our wide array of high-quality products and turnkey services testify the fact that RSHS is far more than a portacabin company. Learn what makes RSHS unique and capable of meeting your industrial housing, affordable housing and building material needs.

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