Diesel Tank

Global standard storage tanks


Red Sea Housing Services (RSHS) offers remarkable solutions for all your ‘containment’ requirements – fuel and water tanks, bowsers, drums & IBC storage and handling, etc. Our fully enclosed fuel tanks comply with all the current (and future) environmental regulations. Our units are designed, built and tested to relevant fuel storage/transport regulations as well.

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Key Features

  • Standard 10 or 20 ISO container frame specifications for economical logistics
  • Can be stacked 6 high full of fuel, reducing transport and storage space requirements
  • Option for 4 sets of feed and return connections, plus pump/auxiliary equipment feed.
  • Inner tank enclosed is stell weatherproof bund, 110% capacity for the storage of fuel in accordance with latest regulations
  • Pump and tank fittings all housed in lockable, vented cabinet within the bunded area and are top-mounted to help prevent leakage
  • Unique fold down cabinet step for ease of access to tank fittings and pump


  • Economical logistics
  • Stackable units reduces transport and storage space requirements
  • Weatherproof
  • Top-mounted to prevent leakage