Power Generation Plant

Creating sustainable power

Red Sea Housing Services (RSHS) designs and builds power plants for utilities and industry. Our smart power plants are based on multiple internal combustion engines and are able to run on any gaseous or liquid fuels, including biofuels. They provide industry-leading energy efficiency, fuel and operational flexibility, helping to integrate wind and solar power into the grid. As a leading engineering, procurement & construction (EPC) contractor and lifecycle support provider, we also support our customers with project development, financing and project services according to their specific needs.

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Key Features

  • RSHS plants offer the highest available simple cycle energy efficiency of any current technology.
  • Our multi-fuel plants enable the continuous choice of the most feasible fuel, including solutions for liquid and gaseous fuels as well as renewables.
  • RSHS power plants can be configured to suit any power need, from steady base load generation to ultra-fast, zero-emission, non-spinning grid reserve for any contingency situation.
  • The multi-unit configuration allows plant availability and reliability over 99%. 


  • Energy efficient
  • Operational and fuel flexible
  • Dependable and reliable