Water Storage Tank

Keeping the water clean

Red Sea Housing Services (RSHS) offers water storage systems that are suitable for all types of potable and industrial water. Our range of products include storage tanks, mixing tanks, flocculation tanks, sedimentation tanks and others. The RSHS Our factory-baked powder-coating system provides the best long-term corrosion protection for the robust, durable tanks. Storage capacities can be made flexible by adding or removing a ring of side staves. These tanks can be shipped worldwide in compact, manageable packages or containers which reduce freight charges and allow for easier handling. Damaged or corroded components are easily replaced without expensive tools or equipment.

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Key Features

  • Vertical or horizontal storage tanks rotationally molded and UV stabilized for durability
  • Polyethylene granules used to ensure extra strength and durability
  • Smooth interiors resist growth of algae and bacteria and is easy to clean


  • Durability assured with UV stabilized
  • Sturdy structure
  • Easy to clean

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