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Red Sea Housing Services is world's leading provider of remote site housing.  We provide sale and lease options to suit individual requirement.



Red Sea Housing Services is a recognized world market leader in the manufacturing of modular buildings, providing a broad range of housing solutions for commercial and residential applications.


What's New

Desert Palms is Hassi Messaoud's newest lodging and office facilities, with a unique style of short and long term accommodation package for the Oil & Gas industry (click for more details).


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Flexibility is one of our greatest assets.  We strive to meet customer's specific needs.  Red Sea Housing is expert in providing turnkey package solutions, completely furnished buildings, utilities and infrastructure work (click for more details).

Red Sea Housing Services design and manufacture "in house" a range of camp utilities, to include acoustic generator enclosures, water & waste water treatment plants and fuel and water storage tanks (click for more details).


All your housing needs under one roof!


 We assist clients with their most challenging projects to determine the best possible option in order to satisfy each specific requirement.  We offer a full range of housing products and total package solutions (click for more details).